Toni Black Counseling Service is a Counselor in Indianapolis, IN

Toni Black Counseling Service offers counseling services  including couples counseling and individual counseling to men, women, and children in the greater Indianapolis area. My counseling services are designed to improve an individual's personal development and confidence in his or her lifestyle and life ventures. While other inspirational speakers and motivational speakers may instruct in very broad terms, I take a more personalized approach by getting to the root of the problem. When it comes to developing personalized life strategies that will inspire clients to make decisions with confidence, Toni Black Counseling Service makes people feel empowered to take more control over their lives. 

*Most Insurances Accepted*

Some of my versatile services include but are not limited to:

I will work with you to find, use, and accommodate your mental limitations. No matter what is the cause of your troubles are, Toni Black Counseling Service has the ability to give you your life back in many ways. I work with you to find applicable solutions that will bring you a lifetime of happiness and inspire you to move forward with your head held high. I even offer video conferencing so you can receive counseling from the comfort of your home. If you are an individual who feels lost and not sure what to do about your situation, contact Toni Black Counseling Service today to schedule an appointment for self empowerment! 


Toni Black Counseling Service is a Counselor in Indianapolis, IN
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  • Accepts Most Insurance

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